Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Pecos National Park

Pecos National Historical Park

What do you do when it snows?
If you are Colt in the City, you go camping!!

Park Sign Reads:  Limited Use Road.  Not suited for wet weather travel or low clearance vehicles.
Wet Weather?  Check
Low Clearance?  Check

I wonder if this is what they mean by "Not Suited For"?

Travel was sometimes difficult.  One stretch of five miles took over three hours to drive through.  It would have been quicker to hike the five miles than to drive it.

Mule Deer Everywhere!!!

Pecos National Historical Park is such a beautiful place with rivers, wildlife, and incredible views.  I understand completely why he wanted to be in this magnificent setting!  Especially when it snows!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Friday, November 22, 2013

First Snow on the Ranchlet!

It was a cold 20 degree morning.  Brrrrr!!!!

A half inch of snow covered the ground.  Beautiful!
Rancher Tracks
First thing outside what did we see?
These Cute Little Tracks.  
These little fellows must be very hungry to be searching all over the ranchlet for food.  Feeding the wild birds, quail, and doves is part of our morning chores.  They were very happy when food was put out for them.
Wild Bird Tracks Everywhere!!!

We found Bruce and Lucy just talking and having fun just like every other morning.  They seemed to love the snow.

Lucy and Bruce and Their Tracks
Goose Tracks
The chickens were not too thrilled with this little overnight delight of white and headed straight to the barn to scratch and play away from all this snow.

First Chicken to Come Out and Brave the Snow
Chicken Tracks

Mia, she did not care one way or the other.  All she was concerned about this morning was getting to her morning grain and hay.
Cow Track

Tubby did not want to go outside, but I lovingly scooped him up and tossed his little furball right out the door.  One quick trip around in the snow and he had had enough.  He cried at the door to come back inside.  Our sweet little Braveheart.
*Remember this big fellow is the Head of Ranchlet Security!    
Cat Tracks by Tubby

While everyone was busy taking care of things this morning, here lies Molly.  We could all learn a lesson from Molly!
No-Track Molly
Molly, the cute little thing, would not even go outside.  After this morning's chores we came in freezing cold and found Molly all curled up asleep in her favorite overstuffed chair.  As we stood in front of the fireplace warming our fingers and toes, we soon realized the wisdom in Molly's decision.  Molly, you are an inspiration to us all.

We hope you are enjoying the snow as much as we are here at Saltbush Flats!!!!

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Rancher Roy Romance

Rancher Roy:  "Darling."
Me:  "Yes, Dear?"
Rancher Roy:  "I was talking to the cat."

This was part of our actual conversation this morning.  Sometimes the only good way to respond is a hearty smile, and then give him a great big hug!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Baby Ameraucanas - Getting Bigger Every Day!

We are thoroughly enjoying our Ameraucana chicks.
8 Days Old
They are so cute and so active.

These dainty little girls just play all day.  They are 9 days old in the video.
They are growing so fast you can almost watch them get bigger.
Molly's Favorite Place in the House! (11 Days Old)
Tubby does not seem to care about the little chickies.  But Molly, she is fascinated with them... or maybe she just wants to eat them.

WatchGeese! Lucy and Bruce

Lucy and Bruce
This delightful pair of Chinese Geese needed a new home.  You know what that means.  Yes, you are right.  Saltbush Flats is here ready to take them in.
Brown Chinese Geese

Bruce is a sweetheart.  He comes up to me and stands so close to me and talks and talks and talks to me.  And, of course, I talk back.  He loves the attention.  He allows me to pet him and does not bite me.  Now Lucy she is a different story all together.  She does not come to me, and if I get close to her she bites me.

Now Rancher Roy seems to have the opposite effect on them.  Lucy just loves him.  And Bruce attacks him.

The men of Saltbush Flats, Rancher Roy and Tubby, thought it was high time there was another male on this ranch.  They were feeling pretty out-numbered. 
Awwwww poor fellows.

There are now 24 females and only 3 males.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Migrating Bird Invasion!!

There are thousands of them!!!

As part of our morning ranch routine we set out fresh water and scatter lots of bird food for the quail and dove that call Saltbush Flats home.  

Friday, November 15, 2013

Baby Ameraucanas

Ameraucana Chick
We were fortunate to acquire six adorable Ameraucana chicks.  These are the most precious little ones.  We can sit and watch them for hours.

They hatched Tuesday, November 5.  These pictures were taken the day we got them, Monday, November 11, when they were only six days old.

I simply asked them all to smile pretty for the camera, and so they all turned and posed for me.

Even at Six Days Old the Pecking Order is already Established!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

More Chickens!

Barred Plymouth Rock Hen

All Five Black Beauties

The day after getting the nine Rhode Island Reds we got five Barred Plymouth Rocks.  They are fat and fluffy and most definitely dominate over the Rhode Island Reds.  Unlike the Reds that scatter everywhere, these girls all stick together.

Monday, November 11, 2013


Finally we have chickens here on the ranchlet!  We are so excited.  They are the most interesting little creatures to watch.

Rhode Island Red Hen
It may sound crazy, but I really do enjoy getting up and going out in the cold at 6:00am to let my nine pretty Henny Pennies out.  

The previous owner of these beauties used to keep them in a small chicken coop and not let them roam free.  They would fight and peck each other.  I knew we could give them a more natural home.

Out here at Saltbush Flats they get the run of the ranchlet.  They love running and scratching and exploring.  They do not fight or peck each other.  They are content happy birds.  They come right up to us and talk to us.  The best part is we are getting four or five eggs each day from these gals, even with the shortened days.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Typically Tubby - That Cow Again!

Ever try to unload mulch with a cow climbing in the trailer?
Smile pretty, Mia.
All you can do is stand back and let her have her way.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Roses and Diamonds!!!

Well that is what most wives want for their anniversary...

But I am not "most wives"!  What do I need with roses and diamonds?
Instead, We gave each other a Chipper, a Gate, a Tiller, 10 Chickens!!, and many wonderful dinners.  We are thrilled.  

We have been celebrating our anniversary for three weeks now, from the day we met, October 12, to today, November 2, when we were sealed for time and all eternity.  We have enjoyed remembering all the little details of how and when we met. 

Rancher Roy is the most amazing man.  He watches over me and everything here on the ranch.  He goes out of his way to do little things to help me out during the day.  He never ever complains or gets upset.  I am so blessed to be his wife.  I completely adore him.  

Life truly is wonderful!