Sunday, November 17, 2013

WatchGeese! Lucy and Bruce

Lucy and Bruce
This delightful pair of Chinese Geese needed a new home.  You know what that means.  Yes, you are right.  Saltbush Flats is here ready to take them in.
Brown Chinese Geese

Bruce is a sweetheart.  He comes up to me and stands so close to me and talks and talks and talks to me.  And, of course, I talk back.  He loves the attention.  He allows me to pet him and does not bite me.  Now Lucy she is a different story all together.  She does not come to me, and if I get close to her she bites me.

Now Rancher Roy seems to have the opposite effect on them.  Lucy just loves him.  And Bruce attacks him.

The men of Saltbush Flats, Rancher Roy and Tubby, thought it was high time there was another male on this ranch.  They were feeling pretty out-numbered. 
Awwwww poor fellows.

There are now 24 females and only 3 males.

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