Monday, November 11, 2013


Finally we have chickens here on the ranchlet!  We are so excited.  They are the most interesting little creatures to watch.

Rhode Island Red Hen
It may sound crazy, but I really do enjoy getting up and going out in the cold at 6:00am to let my nine pretty Henny Pennies out.  

The previous owner of these beauties used to keep them in a small chicken coop and not let them roam free.  They would fight and peck each other.  I knew we could give them a more natural home.

Out here at Saltbush Flats they get the run of the ranchlet.  They love running and scratching and exploring.  They do not fight or peck each other.  They are content happy birds.  They come right up to us and talk to us.  The best part is we are getting four or five eggs each day from these gals, even with the shortened days.


  1. deer cod tubby. say it iznt sew...knot chcikns !!!! ~~~ ya gotta noe.... we haza thing for...burds ~~~~~ !!!

    de food serviss gal says her hopes they bring in lotz oh eggs N her said her iz glad they haz room ta roam now...


    1. I tried to make friends with a chicken. She would not have it. She raised her wings and squawked at me, really loud. Being the "braveheart" that I am, I quickly ran to my mama and stayed right by her side all afternoon. I knew she would need my help with something, so I wanted to be close by her.
      Thank you for the comment.