Friday, November 15, 2013

Baby Ameraucanas

Ameraucana Chick
We were fortunate to acquire six adorable Ameraucana chicks.  These are the most precious little ones.  We can sit and watch them for hours.

They hatched Tuesday, November 5.  These pictures were taken the day we got them, Monday, November 11, when they were only six days old.

I simply asked them all to smile pretty for the camera, and so they all turned and posed for me.

Even at Six Days Old the Pecking Order is already Established!


  1. deer cod tubby, they just keep showin up N showin up dont they !!! we think ya need ta dig a reeeeeeeeeeeeeeely deep hole ...tozz sum waterz in it....N stock it with flounder, mackerull N toona !!!! hay, heerz two a grate week oh plentee oh pie !!

    1. I have gotten pretty good at ignoring the little peepers. They are closed up in the sunroom. But Molly, she keeps sneaking in the sunroom and trying to eat them.
      I love the idea of the deep hole filled with fish, fish, and more fish!!!
      Enjoy your day,