Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Typically Tubby - Enough Birds Already!

Just when you think things could not get worse...
This happens...

Beautiful French Black Copper Marans
7 Maran Hens, 3 Maran Roosters, and 2 Unknown Hens added to flock.

And then this!
Black Call Ducks
3 Hens and 1 Drake added to flock.

Just how many birds are needed around here?!

With all these birds on the ranch, one kitty could be slightly scared to go outside.

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  1. tubby...we due knot blame ewe a bit...if ya wanna pack up mewve ta trout towne we will sends a boat yur way ASAP... !!!

    this bee like a nite mare in de day time ~~~~~~

    1. That could be a possibility. Lets compare the two...
      Saltbush Flats - way to many birds and a cow that chases me.
      Trout Towne - no birds and endless trout
      Well that is easy.
      Trout Towne it is!!!!

  2. They sure are pretty. My kitties would love to see them out their windows.
    Sue B

    1. The roosters are beautiful! The hens lays dark brown eggs! What is not to love about marans?
      Thank you for your comment. Enjoy your day.