Friday, December 20, 2013

Ameraucana Chicks to Pullets

Remember these cute little sweeties?

Precious Little Ameraucanas at 1 Week Old

Adorable Ameraucanas at 3 weeks old

Now these beauties are 6 week old young ladies!  They have been spending the warm days outside in the sunshine getting adapted to the weather (still inside their pet carrier of a home).

The hens are checking out their new competition and, of course, the rooster just found some new ladies to woo.

Look How Big This Little Lady Is!!!

Okay, Maybe Not So Big Beside a Full Grown Hen

But check our her green feet.  Yes, Green Feet!!!  I can not wait to see the color of their eggs.  They should be laying by late spring.

They Are So Cute Running Around the Ranch
 We simple adore each of them.

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