Monday, June 2, 2014

Orange Sherbet

Orange Sherbet
makes 4 quarts

8 cups orange juice
3 cups milk
3 cups sugar
1/2 teaspoon lemon juice
pinch salt
few drops vanilla (optional)

Pour everything in ice cream maker.  Follow ice cream maker instructions.

To enjoy a variety of fruit sherbets, simply puree any fruit
in the food processor.  
Replace some or all of the orange juice with fruit puree.

Peach-Orange Sherbet
Puree peaches to make 2-3 cups.  Add orange juice to make 8 cups.  Continue recipe as above.

Pineapple-Orange-Watermelon Sherbet
Puree one small seedless watermelon.  Boil watermelon puree about 10 minutes to reduce water and concentrate flavor.  Puree one fresh pineapple.  Combine watermelon and pineapple.  Add orange juice to make 8 cups.  Continue recipe as above.

Sherbet Float
This is so refreshing on a summer afternoon!
Place one or two scoops of sherbet in a glass.  Fill with Sprite and enjoy.  Yum!

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