Friday, August 16, 2013

Canning Failure.... But Tasty End Product

Saltbush Flats has been flooded with fruit!

The last week in our former home we were processing hundreds of pounds of cherry plums.  Our first week in our new ranchlet we were canning 50 pounds of peaches.  Then we froze 150 lemons and limes.  We followed that with 80 pounds of pears and 45 pounds of Hatch chiles.  And these last few days we have been picking crabapples.  So far we have 270 pounds of crabapples to make into juice, and we have only begun the crabapple harvest.  

This is work.  This is fun.  We are loving every minute of it.  I thank Rancher Roy every day for working right there beside me to accomplish our goals.  Whether it is picking apples, washing fruit, or shoveling compost, we do all this together.  There is a certain satisfaction that comes from knowing that we are doing all we can to provide for ourselves and our family.

We made some Pineapple Pear Jam (well almost) last night.  We are still processing the pears and there is about 25 pounds remaining to be made into pear sauce tonight.  Outside work is done during the day.  Inside work, like canning, is done in the evening after dinner.  As many of you know ranch/farm work is never done.

We all have trusted brands we like to use when we are canning our produce.  I rely on the integrity of certain companies, like Ball and Sure-Jell, to provide an excellent product and results each and every time.  I had in my canning supply stash two boxes of pectin that needed to be used.  It was NOT the brand I usually use.  But not wanting to be wasteful, I decided to use those last two boxes of pectin in this jam recipe.

Pears all ready for jam

I prepared the pears and pineapple as usual.  Followed my recipe just like always.  
Jam in progress

Then failure struck... no jelling.  Jam is not jam unless it sets.  Never in all my experience using Sure-Jell have I ever had a set failure.  This other well known brand is a disappointment.  I originally purchased four boxes of that other brand pectin.  Not one box gave me satisfactory results.  Lesson learned.  Always use Sure-Jell. 

Beautiful Yummy Pints of Pineapple Pear Honey

 All is not lost.  What started out to be pineapple pear jam turn into Pineapple Pear Honey.  This is delicious and will be used on biscuits, stirred into yogurt, and blended into milkshakes.  The possibilities of this honey are endless.  

Sometimes failures result in a very pleasant end product.

Note:  This my personal opinion based on my personal experiences.  Your experiences may differ.

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  1. I know from experience that you can reboil until it sets.

    1. Reboil without adding additional sugar and pectin? I will try that if this ever happens again. Thank you for the advice.

  2. Oh this happened to me when I made peach skin jelly... which turned into peach honey! I bet this would be good on pancakes as well... with some whipped cream too!

    1. We will try that. We have pancakes or waffles about once a week or so. Thank you for the suggestion.