Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Typically Tubby

Yawning at the piano, his favorite place to sleep

Tubby - A Felineography

Tubby is no ordinary cat.  

His mama is so dainty and beautiful she could be mistaken for the Fancy Feast cat.  She was given to me in 2006 when she was 11 years old.  I instantly fell in love with her.
"Ruby lips held a razor tongue
And a heart blue as glacier ice"
These words from a George Strait song describe perfectly our little dainty Cindy.

What Cindy lacks in sweetness, she makes up for in beauty.  Born in 1995, Cindy is now 18 years old.  She still looks young and could easily pass for a three or four year old cat.
A dear friend of mine also fell in love with Cindy and always insisted that Cindy wanted to go home with her.  When we moved to New Mexico, I did just that, let Cindy go home with her.  

Tubby's father was an incredibly sweet, huge, wandering, black and white Manx.  He must have weighed over 20 pounds.

Through the sliding glass doors mama "Cindy" and father "Oreo" got to know each other. Oreo hung around our home a lot.  We would go out and play with him, hold and pet him, and just generally love on him.  He was such a sweetheart.

One day we decided to let Oreo come inside.  He had pretty much adopted us by now. Once inside, Cindy let him have it.  In no uncertain terms Cindy let Oreo know that this was her territory and he was very unwelcome.  Oreo jumped onto a window ledge and frantically tried to get out.  He was terrified with Cindy right under him hissing, and spitting, and scratching, and jumping, and carrying on.  Needless to say, we never let Oreo inside the house again.

Cindy snuck outside one day and cozied up to Oreo, resulting in a litter of adorable kittens.  Tubby was born twice the size of the other kittens.
When someone came to adopt a couple littermates they asked, looking at Tubby, "Is that the mother?"  We all laughed and replied, "No that is one of the kittens, he is NOT up for adoption."

I did not realize until our move to New Mexico, that Tubby lived under the oppression of his mama.  I thought he was simply a quiet lovable furball who never meowed, or hissed, or bit.  I seriously thought that he was not able to meow or hiss.  He did not do any of those things because his mama would not allow it.  

Moving to New Mexico meant freedom from oppression for our sweet Tubby. 

Tubby now has a new lease on life.  He can run and play and guard the ranchet from all kinds of little critters, especially these.  He can explore the bushes, walls, and fencelines. He even tries to sneak off to Disneyland (an abandoned neighboring ranch) when he thinks we are not looking.

Tubby has a good life - highly spoiled and highly loved.  Just what you would expect for the "Head of Ranchlet Security".

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