Thursday, August 1, 2013

Clothesline Part 2 - Stump Removal

Now that the clothesline as arrived.  I found the perfect place for it, close to my back door and inside the walled patio garden area.  Just one problem.

Diseased Elm Tree Stump

This ----->

We (meaning Rancher Roy) cut the two elm trees in our patio garden area down a few weeks ago.  One was heavily diseased and dying and the other was shading our small vegetable garden too much.


In between the before and after was a lot of this.
Rancher Roy

Removal of this stump was not easy.  Rancher Roy worked long and hard to get this out of the ground.

We will just get the winch and pull it out!... Brilliant idea!

Well, that did not work.

Rancher Roy

That means a lot more of this... again.

Winch again.

It is moving!

Yeah, success!

I do not think the instructions that came with the clothesline said to make a hole quite this big!

Without the winch we could never have moved this montrosity of a stump.  

It is so heavy, impossible for us to lift.  It will not fit through the gate.  We will have to cut it into pieces to move it out.  But that is another day...

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