Monday, July 29, 2013

Clothesline Part 1

Our home came with a propane clothes dryer.  Ugh!
First of all, propane is so expensive.
Second, I really dislike using gas or electricity for something that can easily be done without it.  This is were the clothesline comes in to play.  

I like drying my clothes on the line.  I especially like that they have no static cling.

New Mexico is perfect for outside clothes drying.  
     Abundant sunshine.
     Rarely rains.
     Extremely low humidity, very arid.
     Lots of wind.

Perfect conditions for a clothes dryer, but not so perfect for a garden.

So we went to a local store and picked up a cheap stand alone clothes dryer to use until we could find a nice permanent umbrella type clothesline.

The poor thing had to be hogtied to blocks just to hold it down.  The winds here in New Mexico are strong.  They toppled this little rack right over. 

The pole snapped at the joint.

Joint Taped Back Together

My little clothes dryer rack is in pitiful condition.  It is almost time to lay this little fellow to rest.  My new umbrella type clothesline has arrived.

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