Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dehydrated Potatoes - He Ate One... Almost.

I have some potatoes I need to use.  The dehydrator seemed to be the answer.

Dehydrated Potato Slices

Wash, peel, and slice potatoes to 1/4".  I used a mandolin.  It made slicing so much easier and every slice is uniform thickness.  Put slices in bowl of salt water to keep from discoloring.
Blanch potato slices in boiling water for 6 minutes.  Immediately remove potatoes from boiling water and put in ice water to stop cooking.
Place in dehydrator and dry at 125 degrees until completely dry.  I put them in the dehydrator before going to bed and early this morning they were dried perfectly.

Dried Potatoes, pretty as can be.

Notice the dried potatoes in the bowl.  They are translucent.  If they are opaque at all, they are not dry.  Dry them longer.

Pretty Potatoes in a Jar

They must be hard, crisp, and break when you bend them.  Vacuum seal in jar or bag.  Stored properly, dehydrated potatoes will keep almost indefinitely.

Potato Water

Do not throw away your blanching water.  It has valuable nutrients in it, lots of vitamins and minerals.  Use this potato water next time you make biscuits or bread.  It will give your bread a nice soft texture.

I only dried 5 pounds last night.  Tonight I will dry the remaining 10 pounds in dices. 

While putting my dried potatoes in jars, my husband picked up a slice and happily popped it into his mouth.  He usually does this with foods I dehydrate.  Crunch.  What a surprise he got.  It was not what he expected.  But he is a real trooper and really did try to eat it. As wonderful as my husband is, he was no match for this one little slice of potato.  The potato won. 

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