Friday, July 19, 2013

Welcome to Saltbush Flats!

          We have high hopes and dreams for our little piece of New Mexico paradise!  We would like to chronicle our adventures and misadventures along the way to making something productive out of this wannabe ranchlet.  We hope you enjoy the journey also as we push forward through the dust and wind.

          One day our ranchlet will support a gray water system, orchard, chickens, large canning vegetable garden, small kitchen and herb garden, and a dairy cow!  We would like to share our produce, herbs, and eggs at local farmers markets.

Back yard.  Flat.  Open.  Windy.

          Our goal is to become more self-reliant by growing or producing most of our food and living a simple yet fulfilling life.  We look forward to the blessings and joy along the way.

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