Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Typically Tubby - Look What the Cat Drug In...

I heard a meow.  

He sounded a little distressed.

So, of course, Saltbush Flats came to a complete stop because the head of ranchlet security is in need of something.

But where is he?  I thought I heard the meow from outside.  Rancher Roy thought it came from the bedroom.  hmmm....

We soon found Tubby under the bed, intently focused on something.  "Oh great, what does he have now?" we thought.

Up the bed came, frame and all, tipped to one side.  There trapped against the wall with no way out was a little lizard scared to death, Tubby within inches of him.

We were able to rescue this little fellow and return him outside, but not without a few well voiced complaints from the cat.

In a Jar To Be Transported Outside

Safely Outside, Still Clinging to the Paper Towel,
 Too Traumatized to Move

How do you teach the head of ranchlet security that daily lizard patrol and especially bringing prisoners into captivity is not really necessary?

To learn more of Tubby, see Dreams of an Extraordinary Guard Cat

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