Saturday, July 20, 2013

Way Too Many Lemons and Limes... Is There Such a Thing?

Bottomless Boxes

          I was fortunate enough to be able to purchase lemons and limes 10 for $1.00.  Do you think I bought just 10?  ha! not me.  I purchased 150 of those juicy little things. Estimated yield is about 18 gallons of sweet tangy lemon/limeade for my family, plus zest and citrus cleaner.

           I wish I knew of a great quick and easy way to juice these.  I used a reamer or that spoon in the picture below to extract the juice.  I have tried rolling them on the table.  I do not think that made much of a difference.  I also tried microwaving them for 20 seconds.  That did make the pulp softer and a bit easier to juice.  But do I really want to microwave all my citrus?  No.

Ready for the freezer.

          Each ice cube tray holds about two cups juice.  It took about ten limes to get two cups juice. 

A little bit of zest.

          The lemon and lime rinds will get bagged and put in the freezer until I am ready to make some citrus oil cleaners.

2/3 cup lemon and/or lime juice (about 5 juice cubes)
1 cup sugar
water to fill 2 quart pitcher

Stir all ingredients together in pitcher.  Enjoy!