Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tomato Powder

Roasted Tomato Powder
I am way too frugal to throw away anything that could be useful, like skins of fruits and vegetables.  While peeling all those tomatoes, I saved the skins and the seedy pulp.  
Save your skins as you peel the tomatoes
Dehydrating tomato skins and pulp is so easy.

Simply spread out the skin and pulp pieces on a dehydrator tray. 
Roasted Tomato Skins
Dehydrated Tomato

Dry at 125 degrees overnight.  When dry the skins and pulp should be very crisp and brittle.  

Very Large Jars of Dehydrated Tomato Skin and Pulp
Simply whirl the dried tomatoes in a spice or coffee grinder to make the powder.

I choose to store my dehydrated tomato in large pieces, powdering only enough at one time for what is needed in a recipe.  

Yummy Roasted Tomato Powder
When making Roasted Marinara with Zucchini, I drizzled the tomatoes with olive oil before roasting.  I dried these skins on a separate tray from the other tomato skins.  These skins dried crisp and crackly like the plain skins, but they had an oily film on them. Because of the addition of olive oil, this powder is not shelf stable and must be stored in the freezer.

All powder made from tomatoes that were boiled in water to remove skins or broiled without olive oil may safely be stored on the shelf in a vacuum sealed jar.

Tomato powder has many uses.  It can be used to thicken sauces, add flavor to soups or rice dishes, or mixed with other powdered vegetables to make a vegetable seasoning.  I am sure you can think of even more uses for this yummy powder.

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  1. Great tip thank you! I was hopping around trying to figure out why the new 85 minute time for tomatoes in own juice and,lucked upon this too. What do you consider overnight? I don't go to bed till 1 am. :)

    1. The skins are very thin and take little time to dry, probably less than 5 hours. It is hard to over dry. That is why I dry most things over night and check them in the morning. Enjoy your day.

  2. Forgot to say, thank you for clarifying! :)