Sunday, September 22, 2013

Welcome Gata!

Sometimes an unexpected little one finds its way to the ranch.  

We were at a church function last night.  A stray cat had adopted the missionaries serving at our branch.  They really did need to find it a home.  Ole softy Rancher Roy took to this little sweetie right away.  So today after church we told the Elders we would adopt this cat.  It was hiding pretty good after church so we came home without her.  A few hours later in pulled the Elders with this cute thing all bundled in a coat.  It was terrified and had its claws out and cried the entire drive here.  Poor little thing was so frightened.  

We asked its name.  The said they called it "Gato," Spanish for cat, specifically male cat.  So naturally I asked if it was male.  Of course their reply was, "we have no idea."

It did not take long for him to warm up to us and that is when we noticed that he was not Gato but most definitely Gata.

We now have our sweet little Gata.  She is no longer scared.  Within an hour she was rubbing up against our legs and following us around, just being all adorable.

Little Gata walking by large Mia footprints in the mud.

We think Gata was dumped by the side of the road and adopted these missionaries to take care of her.  It is obvious she was raised inside a house and she is very comfortable around people.

We estimate Gata to be almost one year old.  She will be a fine addition here on the ranch.


  1. awww what a sweet wee fur bay!!. how is Tubby coping with her arrival?!!

    1. Tubby simply just does not understand the females of the species. He is avoiding her.
      Thank you for asking.