Thursday, March 26, 2015

How to Clean and Cut Fresh Pineapple

Cleaning and cutting a fresh pineapple is quick and easy.  Just follow these simple instructions.

1.  Using a carving knife, cut off top and bottom.

2.  Stand pineapple on flat end and cut off outside rind.

3.  Trim remaining eyes and remove any seeds.

4.  Rinse cleaned pineapple under running water to remove any debris that might be left.

5.  Rinse cutting board and change to chefs knife.

6.  Stand cleaned pineapple on end and cut in half lengthwise through the core.

7.  Lay half flat and cut lengthwise through core again into quarters.

8.  Cut quarters into eighths.  

9.  Remove core. 

10.  Cut spears into desired sized pieces.

Simple, easy, delicious.

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