Saturday, March 28, 2015

Pineapple - No Part Goes to Waste

Every part of the pineapple has a purpose on this ranch.  Rancher Roy and I are not the only ones here that absolutely love pineapple.  The cattle, chickens, and ducks gobble down whatever pineapple they can get.

There are many uses for the delicious tender fruit as we have shown, but what do we do with the rinds, tops, and cores?

The pineapple cores go into the freezer for later use to become a delicious sweet pineapple syrup.  After this syrup is made, the chickens and ducks will get the discarded cores.  They will be so happy.

The cattle get the tops and rinds.  Oh they can not get enough of it.  They eat every part, even the spiny tops.

The chickens and ducks get the eyes and seeds and any trimmings after the rind is removed.

On this ranch, pineapple is a big hit with everyone.  Between the cattle, chickens, ducks, dogs, and ranchers, not one scrap of food ever goes to waste.  Someone is always willing to eat it.... and want more.

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