Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Ranch Horse

Well, we finally did it.  We got our first ranch horse.  Rancher Roy has been wanting a horse since we established Saltbush Flats.  We brought home our handsome fellow and fell in love with him immediately.  He is so sweet
and so gentle.  He is perfect for our needs with the cattle.

But what to name him?
Now that we have had him for 24 hours, a little bit of his character is coming through.  Oh, lots of names came through our minds, but none seemed to be just right for him.  We thought of Chief, Sebastian, Smoke Signal, Thundercloud, Rocky, and many more.  

He is a little watchy and nervous while is his getting used to his new place.  I tried to bribe him with a big shiny red apple.  I could not get him to eat it.  Can you imagine that, a horse refusing to eat an apple?  Me neither.  He is eager to eat grain and alfalfa out of my hand, but no way was he going to eat this piece of apple.

As we kicked around more names, Rancher Roy said teasingly, "Chief No Eat Apples."  That was it.  The big fellow had a name.

We are excited to welcome Chief No Eat Apples to Saltbush Flats and we hope he loves his new home as much as we love having him here.

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  1. welcome home Chief & conga ratz two you guys on gettin a ponee !!! ☺ ♥♥