Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Incubating Eggs

It is that time of year again to hatch little chicks and ducklings.  

Today I filled one incubator with chicken eggs and the other with duck eggs.  

It takes 21 days for these little baby Easter Egger chicks to develop in the shell.  Today is Wednesday, March 4.  These little chicks should hatch about Wednesday, March 25.

Update:  16 beautiful baby chicks!

The duck eggs are mostly Welsh Harlequin, but there are a few Call, Pekin, and Cayuga eggs in there as well.  It takes 28 days for ducklings to develop in the shell.  These little duckies should hatch about Wednesday, April 1.

Update:  8 beautiful little baby ducklings!

I have an amorous Easter Egger rooster that likes to romance the lady ducks.  I wonder if one of the little babies could turn out to be a DICKEN or a CHUCK?

One more incubator was filled with duck eggs Tuesday March 17.  These little duckies should hatch about Tuesday, April 14.

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